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Deep Drop Rigs - 3 Hook - Grouper/Tilefish


Hand Tied Deep Drop Rigs for targeting deep water species such as snowy or yellow edge grouper and tilefish. These rigs allow anglers to enjoy a fun day on the water with friends and family while catching a wide array of tasty deepwater fish.  Tip: take a variety of types of baits to best determine what the fish are wanting on any given day. Bonita, mackerel, menhaden, and squid are always great options!

Rigs are made with the following:

275lb  Swivel

250lb Main Line

1 Deep Drop Light (Disco, Green, White, Blue, Red depending on option selected.)

3 - 150Lb Dropper Lines attached to main line with Swivel Sleeves

9/0 Eagle Claw L2004 Circle Hooks

3 Glow Beads (Green, Red, Blue - Depending on Rig Option)

1 - 150 Snap Swivel - This is rigged at the bottom so it is easy to swap weights and to break open in the event your weight gets stuck on the bottom.