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Pompano Rig Tying Board


If you like to make your own tackle, tie your own rigs, experiment while fishing, and save money,  you will enjoy using our Pompano Rig Tying Board. 

With Pompano Rigs ranging from $3.50 - $6.00 each, buying pre made rigs can get expensive quick.

However, making rigs that use a dropper loop that come out consistent can be very difficult. Our Pompano Rig Tying Board will help you make uniform dropper loops, pompano rigs, mingo, and triggerfish rigs all while saving time and money. 

Furthermore, our board is designed to be used both at home or while at the beach. It also doubles as a measuring device and bait cutting station. 

Our Pompano Rig Tying Board Features:

40"(L) x  5.5"(W) - 1/2" Thick Starboard Pompano Rig Tying Board.

6 - 1/4" UV Resistant Acrylic Pegs that can be repositioned for a wide range of dropper loop sizes and spacing.

1 - 1/2" UV Resistant Acrylic Peg for holding a leader spool in place.

Internal Storage Compartment for 1/4" Pegs or other tying material. 

Optional Built-In line cutter with rust proof ceramic razor blade for quickly finishing off leaders and rigs. This version also includes  Bucket Mounting Grooves that fit most standard 5 Gal Buckets and YETI buckets.

Multiple cut outs for containing tackle while tying rigs.

Optional 3 Pack of Lids for cut out organizational bins.

27" Fish Measuring Device

Custom Engraved Pompano 

Proudly Made in the USA!